English Literature

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Tales From Shakespeare

This book includes stories based on seven of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. We meet many of Shakespeare’s  most famous characters- magical Prospero; Puck, the badly-behaved fairy; evil Macbeth; Shylock the greedy moneylender, and many more. This is  wonderful first step on the journey into the world of Shakespeare

King Solomon’s Mines

Sir Henry Curtis, Captain John Good and Allan Quatermain are travelling to the mysterious unmapped heart of Africa. Sir Henry wants to find his missing brother, Quatermain wants to find King Solomon’s secret treasure. Is Sir Henry’s brother still alive? Will they find King Solomon’s treasure? Does the treasure even exist?

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins and his parents have a quiet inn by the sea. Then one day, an old sailor arrives at the inn. What is he afraid of? Dangerous men come to the inn, Jim’s quiet changes and he goes across the sea b the ship to Treasure 

Oliver Twist

His mother is dead, so little oliver Twist is brought up in the workhouse. Beaten and starved, he runs away to London where he joins Fagin’s gang of thieves but by chance he also finds new good friends- but can they protect him from people who rob and murder without mercy

Selection of African Poetry

This is the revised and enlarged edition of the popular Selection of African Poetry, reflecting the development of poetry in Africa. It now includes more poems from different parts of the continent, in particular Liberian and Lusophones poetry, as well as more examples of traditional poetry.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is one of the classic stories of modern English fiction and it is a powerful study of the use and abuse of political power.

Doctor Faustus 

This new edition of the A text of Doctor Faustus follows the format of our New Longman Shakespeare series. It has been specifically developed to help students make the transition to AS and A Level a smooth one.


These editions of Shakespeare’s plays are designed especially for students at Senior Secondary (Higher School Certificate and ‘A’ level examinations) and university level. Each edition includes the General Editor’s preface, the introduction, the text of play and a glossary.


Othello has long been recognised as one of the most powerful of Shakespeare’s tragedies. This is an intense drama of love, deception, jealousy and destruction.

Desdemona’s love for Othello, the Moor transcends racial prejudice, but the envious Iago conspires to devastate their lives. In its vivid rendering of racism, sexism, contested identities and the savagery lurking within civilisation, Othello is arguably the most topical and accessible tragedy from Shakespeare’s major phase as a dramatist. Productions on stage and screen regularly renew its power to engross, impress and trouble the imagination.

She Stoops to Conquer

Charming satire of the sentimental comedies of the day has entertained audiences since 1773.

A young lady poses as a serving girl to win the heart of a young gentleman too shy to court ladies of his own class. Many delightful deceits, hilarious turns of plot must be played out before the play concludes happily.

Silas Marner

Although the shortest of George Eliot’s novels, Silas Marner is one of her most admired and loved works. It tells the sad story of the unjustly exiled Silas Marner- a handloom linen weaver of Raveloe in the agricultural heartland of England- and how he is restored to life by the unlikely means of the orphan child Eppie. Silas Marner is a tender and moving tale of sin and repentance set in a vanished rural world and holds the reader’s attention until the last page to Eppie’s bond of affection for silas are put to the test

Arm and the Man

A soldier on the run climbs into Raina’s bedroom. She shelters him but then discovers that unlike the heroic officer to whom she is engaged, he despises war and carries not ammunition but chocolate. When the ‘chocolate cream soldier’ reappears after the war, the consequences for Raina and her family are unexpected and amusing.