African Writers Series

Thing Fall Apart

Author: Chinua Achebe

“…The story is the tragedy of Okonkwo, an important man in the Igbo tribe in the days when white men were first appearing on the scene… a very simple but excellent novel”

The Observer

Also available in extended edition including essays, maps and illustrations.

The Joys of Motherhood

Author: Buchi Emecheta

Nnu Ego is devoted to her children, giving them all her life- with the result that she finds herself friendless and alone in her middle age.

A powerful commentary on polygamy, patriarchy and women’s changing roles in urban Nigeria.

A Grain of Wheat

Author: Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Set in a Kenyan village, Ngugi’s compelling story addresses love, friendship and betrayal against the dramatic backdrop of rapid historical change. Ngugi’s reflection on a key chapter in Kenya’s past- the period just before independence- explores the question of nationalism and the challenges an independent Kenya will face.


Author: Christopher Okigbo

This extraordinary and powerful collection of interlinked poems, first published in 1971 showcases Okigbo’s rare talent. Each poem draws the reader into an arresting world of myth and intense contemplation, “a fable of man’s perennial quest for fulfilment.”

Women of the Aeroplanes

Author: B. Kojo Laing

Kojo Liang’s second novel takes the reader on a fantastic journey filled with unforgettable characters and magical places. This unforgettable story, alternating between the twin sister towns of Tukwan in Ghana and Levensvale in Scotland, challenges every conception of what fiction should be or not be about.

Arrows of Rain

Okey A. Ndibe

When a young woman runs into the sea and drowns, the police investigate the last man to see her alive, the eccentric vagrant known as Bukuru. What Bukuru reveals illuminates not just an army beyong control but also his own tragic history is intertwined with the murderous past of the despotic ruler Isa Pallat Bello.

The Lovers

Author: Bessie Head

The Lovers collect together short fiction of the 1960s and 70s written mainly in Serowe, Botswana and depicting the lives of loves of African village people pre- and post- independence. Anthology favourites like her breakthrough ‘The Woman from America’ and ‘The Prisoner from Amerca’ and ‘The Prisoner who Wore Glasses’ are included.

Search Sweet Country

Author: B. Kojo Laing

Set in 1970s Accra, this inventive and intense first novel provides an insight into the aspects of a ghanaian society caught in transition between tradition and modernity. Like a skilful bartender, Kojo Laing has created a heady cocktail in Sweet Search Country that will not fail the reader’s mind.